About us

TSAT is headquartered at Fornebu just outside Oslo city limits at the Technopolis campus complex. Our offices are in the historic terminal building of the former Oslo airport.


The Fornebu area is now undergoing tremendous commercial and residential property development.





Rooftop view of our antenna array that we use for R&D and system testing.






Our heritage dates back to 1995 when the first generation TSAT 2000 was introduced. Since those early beginnings we have focused exclusively on developing the most advanced satellite communications networking solution (IOT, SCADA & M2M) to enable management of critical infrastructure in the energy and utilities markets.  

We collaborate closely with the Norwegian and European Space agencies in advancing next generation satellite technology for IOT, SCADA & M2M applications.

  • Why TSAT?

    TSAT is the only private (dedicated) satellite networking solution on the market with a miniature VSAT HUB. The solution is specifically designed to deal with mission critical applications such as SCADA and M2M in the energy and utility markets. The ruggedized and utility hardened hardware is engineered to provide years of reliable operation in remote […]

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  • Partners

    Our global partners for satellite capacity:   Industry Affiliations: TSAT is an associate member of the Global VSAT Forum, and is an active participant in the associations events.    

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