TSAT – narrowband satellite solutions for remote communications

TSAT delivers narrowband satellite solutions for communications in remote areas and is the only solution on the market with a miniature VSAT HUB.

Low cost VSAT HUB

The cost-efficient operating model makes TSAT an affordable solution. The TSAT HUB is the lowest cost VSAT HUB on the market. By efficiently using the satellite spectrum, and tailoring satellite bandwidth to the actual application needs, the annual communication cost is reduced to a minimum. This makes TSAT the ideal solution to replace expensive leased equipment, or as back-up for existing terrestrial communications.

TSAT is designed for mission critical applications in remote and harsh locations

The narrowband solution is specifically designed to handle mission critical applications such as SCADA, M2M and Telemetry in the energy and utility markets. The rugged TSAT 4000 hardware is engineered to provide years of reliable operation in remote locations and harsh environments. TSAT is designed to comply with IEC-61850, the global standard for utility and industrial communication and automation.

TSAT extends networks for oil and gas, power utilities and water management systems

When you implement TSAT, critical communications to and from your remote locations are ‘piped’ directly to your control center without needing a terrestrial back-haul or ‘double-hop’ connection. Completely independent from public infrastructure and the internet, TSAT provides cyber secure and reliable communications for your mission critical applications. To further improve reliability, it is possible to install a load-sharing and geo-redundant HUB solution.

TSAT’s narrowband satellite solution complements or replaces terrestrial networks ensuring a back-up at all times in harsh and rugged environments. TSAT’s solutions help ensure remote monitoring and control, and are widely used by

Oil and gas pipelines

Water management systems

Power utilities

For more than two decades, TSAT customers across the globe have relied on their TSAT networks to provide maximum uptime.

TSAT for small and large networks

TSAT 4000 provides narrowband satellite solutions for large networks and TSAT 3500 provides narrowband solutions for smaller  private networks.