TSAT is the only private (dedicated) satellite networking solution on the market with a miniature VSAT HUB. The solution is specifically designed to deal with mission critical applications such as SCADA and M2M in the energy and utility markets. The ruggedized and utility hardened hardware is engineered to provide years of reliable operation in remote locations and harsh environments, in a manner no other competing solution does. Furthermore, TSAT is designed to comply with IEC-61850, the global standard for utility and industrial communication and automation.

By implementing TSAT, critical communications to and from your remote locations are ‘piped’ directly to your control center without the need for a terrestrial back-haul or ‘double-hop’ connection. With complete independence from public infrastructure and the internet, TSAT provides cyber secure and reliable communications for your mission critical applications. For even greater reliability it is possible to implement a load-sharing and geo-redundant HUB solution.

The TSAT HUB is the lowest cost VSAT HUB on the market, and efficient utilization of satellite spectrum keeps the annual communication cost to a minimum. This makes TSAT the ideal solution for expensive leased line replacement, or as back-up for existing terrestrial communications.