TSAT 3500

Private satellite networking for SCADA and M2M Telemetry

The TSAT 3500 platform is a complete and private networking solution capable of reaching any SCADA and M2M Telemetry site. It is compatible with both IP and legacy serial devices and operates independent from terrestrial communications systems. With the TSAT HUB placed on your premise, you control the network fully. The TSAT 3500 platform is highly scalable and suits both small and medium sized networks.

TSAT 3500 builds on TSAT 3000’s legacy. The future-proof operating system and the updated hardware ensure best in class cyber security and access controls that support mission critical applications in any remote environment onshore or offshore.

Notable features

  • Flexible inbound access scheme i.e. TDMA, Enhance Slotted Aloha and PPR
  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation to support VoiP and visual image transmission
  • On-the-fly payload compression for more efficient use of bandwidth
  • Protocol acceleration for legacy serial protocols to minimize latency
  • Power saving features to minimize load on solar/battery power sources
  • AES-256 encryption option for enhanced cyber security
  • OTA firmware upgrades to minimize site visits
  • Geo-Redundancy or hot-standby hub options

Benefits of TSAT 3500

TSAT 3500 is installed within a few days and requires low capital investments. Once installed, the solution is designed to minimize operating costs by closely tailoring bandwidth requirements to actual use. TSAT 3500 is a cost-efficient solution with the lowest total cost of ownership compared to other VSAT solutions.


The TSAT 3500 HUB is supplied with a fully integrated satellite modem and router in a 1U form factor, designed to mount in a standard 19” rack. TSAT 3500 provides asymmetric sizing of outbound (OB) and inbound (IB) carriers ranging in size from 8 to 833kbps to meet throughput requirements of sensitive SCADA or M2M Telemetry applications.

TSAT 3500 Remote

The TSAT 3500 Remote terminal is available in a compact Desktop version, a  Pro version for 19” rack mounting and an IP67 version for outdoor installation.. The solution is optimized for SCADA and M2M Telemetry applications in harsh and remote environments. It supports concurrent transport of legacy asynchronous serial and today’s IP based communications protocols without needing media converters.

TSAT 3500 Network Management System

The TSAT 3500 NMS provides a powerful user interface for efficient administration and management of private satellite networks, and runs on a dedicated Windows PC, Windows Server or VM. It features SCADA and M2M Telemetry specific configuration and monitoring tools with byte level organized screens displaying actual data traffic. This greatly simplifies troubleshooting of remotely connected legacy serial devices.

Technical information

Network configuration:

Star (FDD) and Mesh (TDD)
Tx: Proprietary TDM,
Rx: Proprietary TDMA – Static, Random and Dynamic


0,250 to 0.969

Symbol Rates
8ksps to 832ksps


Modem interfaces:

Tx Interface
N-type 50 Ohm

Frequency range L-band
950 – 2150MHz

Tx level
-33 – 0dBm

BUC power supply
+24V, 3A max

Rx Interface
N-type 50 Ohm

950 – 2150MHz

LNB power supply
18V, 0.5A max

LNB LO selection
22kHz on/off


Date Interface:

Two (2) RJ 45 10/100Mbps Ethernet

RS232, 422 or 485
Two (2) DB9 for hub and 19” remote and
One (1) RJ45 for desktop remote with 2 serial ports


Management interface:

One (1) USB-C



Protocols Supported
TCP, UDP, RIP, ICMP, ROHC, GRE, Static Routes, ACL, IPv4
Circuit switched
Leased line, dial-up and multidrop (grouping)
RP570, ADPL 180, Comli, Sinaut S1, Modbus RTU/IP/ASCI, DNP-3.0, WITS, Serck Proteus
IEC-60870-101 and 104, IEC-61850 etc.
RoHC, payload compression and serial protocol acceleration



256 bit AES Link Encryption


Mechanical and Environmental:

Hub and 19” remote – 1U 44mm (H) x 19″ (W) x 177mm (D)
Desktop remote – 1U 44mm (H) x 133mm (W) x 177mm (D)

Hub – 2.5Kg
19” remote – 2.3Kg
Desktop remote – 1Kg

0° to +50°C

5 – 95% non-condensing

Power Supply (Input Voltage):
Hub and 19” remote – 24 to 48VDC
Desktop remote – 24VDC from 100-240VAC/50-60Hz power adapter



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