TSAT offers a range of antennas for a fully engineered end-to-end solution to meet
our clients demanding requirements for a high availability network implementation.



  • Flat Panel Antenna (FPA)

    The flat panel antenna (FPA) is suitable for fixed sites or portable use, where a small and inconspicous antenna is required. The FPA includes a TSAT remote with BUC and LNB that are embedded to provide a complete terminal solution in a single unified housing. The FPA also includes a LCD display that provides visual […]

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  • Stationary antennas

    TSAT offer a range of antennas for stationary and fixed site deployments. Antennas are available for Ku- and C-band operation.                                                   96cm-Type-960-Ku-RT-Class-II-Spec-2                   1.2m-Type-123-Ku-Offset-RT-Class-II-Spec-2 […]

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  • Auto deploy antennas

    TSAT offers auto deploy antennas for mobile/temporary use-cases such as disaster response where the communications link needs to be activated within minutes on arriving on site. The antenna is usually mounted on a trailer or vehicle.   iNetVu 1200 data sheet

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  • Stabilized antennas

    TSAT offers compatible stabilized antennas for for maritime and offshore installations where stationary antennas can not be used.   v80G_Datasheet  

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