Mesh connectivity for TSAT 3000

With release 6.1, TSAT bring mesh connectivity to the TSAT 3000 platform. With mesh, remote-to-remote connectivity takes place via a single “hop”,  and is a great capability for latency sensitive utility distribution use cases, or other application where you don’t need data to be routed to or collected at a central location.  See animation for […] Read more

Some of the markets we serve

  • Power


    • Transmission networks
    • Distribution networks
    • Hydro-power generation
    • Renewables (wind and solar farms)
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  • Energy


    • Offshore exploration and production
    • Onshore exploration and production
    • Pipelines (gas and oil)
    • Tank storage facilities
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  • Water


    • Fresh water supply networks
    • Waste water treatment facilities
    • River, dam, and reservoir level control
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  • Critical Infrastructure

    Critical Infrastructure

    • Structural monitoring
    • Critical infrastructure protection
    • Security/CCTV and access controls
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