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Join TSAT March 18 to 21 at Satellite 2024 The SATELLITE Conference and Exhibition was launched in 1981 with the goal to connect and unite the satellite industry as we headed toward new frontiers. Over the past 43 years, SATELLITE has served the satellite and space communities and broadened the scope of content to encompass […] Read more

TSAT – Satellite backhaul for industrial IOT devices

TSAT is a Norwegian provider of satellite backhaul communications solutions particularly developed for remote locations. TSAT’s narrowband satellite solutions enable management of mission critical infrastructure in harsh and hard to reach locations and is the only solution on the market with a miniature VSAT HUB. The dedicated private satellite network is affordable and specifically designed for SCADA, M2M, Telemetry and IoT.

TSAT’s heritage dates back to 1995 when the first satellite solution, TSAT 2000, was introduced. Since then, TSAT have focused exclusively on developing the most advanced satellite communications networking solution (IOT, SCADA & M2M). The solutions enable management of critical infrastructure for industries operating at harsh and hard to reach remote locations.

Today, TSAT delivers narrowband satellite solutions to a range of industries. The solutions are specifically designed to handle mission critical applications such as SCADA, M2M, Telemetry and IOT.

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