TOGC 2024

Join TSAT February 19 to 20 as exhibitor at  TOGC 2024 TOGC has historically centred around the Oil and Gas industry. The new edition in 2024 goes beyond its traditional focus and emphasizes H2 and CO2 projects. The Congress will bring together C-level audience and leading technical specialists to discuss the hot trends of the […] Read more

Some of the markets we serve

  • Narrowband satelitte remotely monitors and controls power utility grids


    • Transmission networks
    • Distribution networks
    • Hydro-power generation
    • Renewables (wind and solar farms)
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  • Narrowband satellite communication monitors and controls oil & gas pipelines remotely


    • Offshore exploration and production
    • Onshore exploration and production
    • Pipelines (gas and oil)
    • Tank storage facilities
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  • Narrowband satellite solution monitors and controls water management remotely


    • Fresh water supply networks
    • Waste water treatment facilities
    • River, dam, and reservoir level control
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  • Critical Infrastructure

    Critical Infrastructure

    • Structural monitoring
    • Critical infrastructure protection
    • Security/CCTV and access controls
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