Narrowband satellite solution monitors and controls water management remotely

The world’s water resources are under pressure from increased population growth, climate changes and depleting aquifers from heavy agricultural irrigation. River, dams and reservoirs, in harsh conditions and remote areas, need to be automated and use SCADA controls to more efficiently operate their infrastructure. Satellites complement and integrate with terrestrial communications solutions and are the best and most reliable communication solution to increase cyber security, ensure uptime and reduce costs.

Satellite connectivity for remote water management locations

TSAT’s narrowband satellite solution enables water management system operators to cost-effectively and reliably connect their remote assets. This enables applications such as SCADA, M2M and Telemetry to connect to devices reliably and cost-effectively so that they can:

  • Monitor water pressure, level, temperatures
  • Ensure on-line metering for large industrial consumers
  • Control water pumps, valves and compressors
  • Ensure water treatment and purification
  • Detect leaks or other non-technical losses
  • Control floods
  • Improve water management site security and access control
  • Secure access control.


TSAT’s narrowband satellite solution is reliable, cost-efficient and increases cyber security

Many of the remote water management sites, have back-up communications solutions necessary to maintain continued operations, in case of a system failure. Although the majority of the communications infrastructure is today terrestrial, satellite solutions complement the existing systems as they are not affected by the circumstances where terrestrial communications fails.

By deploying a TSAT based satellite solution, water management system operators will:

Reduce recurring costs

TSAT enables satellite bandwidth to be tailored according to actual application and use. The TSAT flat-fee subscription model makes TSAT an affordable solution.

Improves cyber security

TSAT is implemented as private network, and is not connected to the internet, thereby improving the water management plant’s cyber security.

Maximum uptime

TSAT networks can be implemented with geo-redundant and load-sharing HUBs.


Scottish Water selects TSAT to improve operational efficiency

Scottish Water is the 4th largest water and wastewater service provider in the UK. Scottish water was under pressure to improve operational efficiency. Scottish Water selected TSAT with redundant HUBs and 120 remote terminals.