Flat Panel Antenna (FPA)

The flat panel antenna (FPA) is suitable for fixed sites or portable use, where a small and inconspicous antenna is required. The FPA includes a TSAT remote with BUC and LNB that are embedded to provide a complete terminal solution in a single unified housing. The FPA also includes a LCD display that provides visual indication to assist with antenna pointing and line-up.

TSAT flat panel antenna (FPA)

Frequency: Ku-band
Antenna size: 0.6M
Antenna gain: 36dBi (Tx) and 35.5dBi (Rx)
Temperature: -20c to +60c
Protection: IP66
Weight: 10kg
Wind (operational): 24m/s
Wind (survival): 32m/s
Voltage supply; 100-240VAC or  24VDC