Introducing TSAT 3500

TSAT-3500 the private satellite networking platform for SCADA, Telemetry, M2M and IIoT and builds on the success of TSAT-3000s 10 years legacy. This 5th Generation platform features a future-proof upgradeable system on chip (SoC) architecture, and best class cyber and access controls to support mission critical applications in harsh and remote environments.

The TSAT-3500 is backward compatible with TSAT-3000 so no issues operating mixed networks with 3500 and 3000 remotes.

The platform operates without connectivity to public networks or the internet. When you own and operate a TSAT-3500 network, you are in complete control. TSAT-3500 is easy to install, operate and maintain with low recurring OPEX.

To meet a variety of use-cases, TSAT-3500 will support both star (FDD) and mesh (TDD) network topologies with throughput from 8 to 832kbps.

The TSAT-3500 remote in available in several flavors. The 3500 Pro version for 19″ rack mounting and the compact 3500 Desktop version. The company version is also available with a IP67 enclosure option.

The remotes incorporate serial interfaces (RS232, 422 and 485) to support connectivity with non-IP infrastructure.