TSAT 3000 – Private satellite networking for SCADA/Telemetry


Network diagram

The TSAT 3000 platform was specifically designed as a private networking solution for smaller SCADA/Telemetry networks with limited throughput requirements, but where high reliability is essential to support mission critical application in demanding environments onshore or offshore.

Notable features:

  • Flexible inbound access scheme i.e. TDMA, Enhance Slotted Aloha and DAMA
  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation to support VoiP and visual image transmission
  • On-the-fly payload compression for more efficient use of bandwidth
  • Protocol acceleration for legacy serial protocols to minimize latency
  • Power saving features to minimize load on solar/battery power sources
  • AES-256 encryption option for enhanced cyber security
  • Low temperature (-40C) and IP 67 rated version for arctic environment
  • OTA firmware upgrades to minimize site visits

Benefits of the solution:

Low CAPEX + Low OPEX => Lowest TCO for any comparable solution


3000 HUBTSAT 3000 HUB

The TSAT 3000 HUB is supplied as a fully integrated satellite modem and router within a 1U form factor,  suitable for rack mounting. Particular attention has been paid to enable asymmetric sizing of outbound (OB) and inbound (IB) carriers ranging in size from 8 to 160ksps to meet throughput requirements for latency sensitive SCADA applications, whilst achieving the lowest OPEX of any comparable satellite solution.



3000 RTTSAT 3000 Remote 

The TSAT 3000 remote terminal is optimized for SCADA applications in harsh environments, and supports concurrent transport of legacy asynchronous serial and todays IP based communications protocols without the need for external mediation devices.  An IP-67 version suitable for direct outdoor installation is available.



The TSAT 3000 NMS provides a powerful user interface for efficient management of private satellite networks, and runs on a dedicated Windows PC or Windows Server. The TSAT NMS features a Windows-like menu structure for quick and easy access to all supported functions and features.