Power Distribution

The challenge:

Ellevio (formerly Fortum Distribution) headquartered in Stockholm, delivers 20% of the power being consumed in Sweden. Their distribution networks are located throughout the country. The company has a strong focus on delivering power in a safe, reliable and cost effective manner. Ellevio has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in upgrading its networks.

Ellevio desired a communications solution that could be deployed irrespective of distance, would be quick to implement, contained few systems components to service and support, and finally was not dependent on public communications infrastructures.

The solution:

A TSAT network has been implemented with geo-redundancy for the HUBs. The solution integrates legacy RTUs using the IEC-101 protocol. To improve throughput and reduce latency, a custom protocol accelerator was implemented. To date more than 100 terminals have been deployed.

The benefits:

With a satellite based communication infrastructure in place, Ellevio now has better control over the network. Power can now be routed and delivered with better availability, and at lower cost.