Environmental monitoring

Aspen seismic monitoring systemThe challenge:

Kinemetrics, Inc. based in Pasadena, California is the world leader in earthquake instrumentation and the provider of Aspen System, a high performance solution for real-time earthquake monitoring. Aspen is used by the largest seismic networks in the world operated by leading research institutions and government agencies in many countries. Many of the monitoring sites are located in remote areas, in adverse climate conditions, without AC power, and not reachable by traditional terrestrial communications solutions.

The solution:

For out-of-reach locations, Kinemetrics needs a satellite communications solution that can be implemented as a private (closed) network, is environmentally hardened, is low power (operating on solar panels with battery backup), has low capital investment cost and not least, low operating cost. Having surveyed the available options in the market place, Kinemetrics has opted to use TSAT.

The benefit:

Kinemetrics and their customers are now able to cost effectively and reliably collect critical data via satellite, from the most remote and harsh locations, at a low cost. TSAT telemetry solution assures data integrity, the most important aspect in mission-critical applications.