Gas transmission

Snam Rete Gas infrastructureThe challenge:

The Italian company SNAM Rete Gas operates a 32000km long gas pipeline network , and is one of Europe’s leading regulated gas utilities. In 2004 the company started looking for a suitable satellite communication solution that could seamlessly integrate with its terrestrial based wireless infrastructure for back hauling SCADA data to its national control center.

The Solution:

After successful trials, the initial network roll-out consisted of a Single HUB and 32 Remote Terminals which has since expanded to a fully redundant HUB implementation with 12 narrowband carriers, connecting 200+ remotes that  backhaul data from some 2000+ RTUs connected via local wireless  networks.

The benefit:

Snam Rete Gas is now able to manage its vast infrastructure in real-time for improved operational efficiency and with greatly reduced recurring operational expense compared to traditional satellite solutions.