Offshore Oil and Gas

The challenge:

Gassco, outside Haugesund on Norways’s west coast is reponsible for operating the 7800km long subsea pipeline network in the North Sea that delivers natural gas to the UK, France, Belgium and Germany.

Due to the critical nature of Gassco’s operation, the hostile environment of the North Sea and at the landing terminals, a non-terrestrial solution offering high reliability and security was required for the SCADA system and pipeline control center.

The solution:

The network implementation consists of geo-redundant TSAT HUBs deployed at the control centers and interfaced to the ABB top end SCADA system. The remote terminals are located on offshore platforms and onshore landing sites, where they also connect to FMC flow computers, associated instrumentation, valves and compressor controls.

The benefits:

With the deployed solution, GASSCO is able to deliver gas with 99.98% quality, with more than 99.82% regularity, and with lower cost.