Water and waste-water management

The challenge:

Scottish Water is the 4th largest water and waste water service provider in the UK. The company covers a geographical area of 78,000km2, one third the size of Britain. Assets include 46,000km of water pipes, 39,000km of sewer pipes, 1839 waste water and 371 water treatment facilities, plus pumping stations, sludge treatment centers and reservoirs. 2.5 billion liters of fresh water is provided to 5 million residential and 130,000 commercial customers every day. One billion liters of waste water is taken away and is treated every day. Scottish water was under pressure to improve operational efficiency.

The solution:

Having explored the available options such as radio, GSM, and leased line solution, Scottish Water found that TSAT best met their requirements. A network with redundant HUBs was implemented, and to date more than 120 remote terminals have been deployed.

The benefits:

Scottish Water now has better control over their infrastructure and is able to provide better service to their customers, all at a lower cost.