Industrial IoT


Today , the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most significant technological trends in the world. Cisco reports that 50 billion devices will be online by 2020. And while core terrestrial networks will manage most of these connection, companies are now extending the scope of IoT networks to mission critical infrastructure in rugged and remote locations.

This trend has created a sub-segment of the IoT market called Industrial IoT. According to NSR, it’s an opportunity for satellite communications, numbering more than 5.3 million terminals by 2024. Furthermore, as the industrial IoT market develops and traffic increases, it will favor Ku-band networks over extremely low data rate L-band systems. Ku-band networks handle higher data volume more cost effectively due to greater spectrum availability, competitive pricing and flat-fee subscription models.

TSAT has engineered the new TSAT 4000 platform for service providers eager to tap into the emerging IoT market, and created the SMARTHaul solution for LPWAN backhaul.