The TSAT 3500 HUB main unit is designed to support small to medium sized private star and mesh network deployments. The unit can operate with very low forward and return link data rates (down to 8ksps)  to minimise OPEX when deployed for narrowband SCADA, M2M and IOT applications with highly asymmetrical traffic and where the inbound throughput is dominant. The unit is fully backwards compatible with existing TSAT 3000 hubs.


Network configuration
Network topology: Star and Mesh (TDD)
Forward link: TDM
Modulation: QPSK
Data rate: 8 to 832ksps
FEC: Turbo coding 0.250 to 0.969
Return channel: TDMA
Modulation: QPSK
Data rate: 8 to 833ksps
FEC: Turbo coding 0.250 to 0.969



RF: N-type female, 950-2100MHz
10MHz IFL BUC and LNB reference
BUC: 24VDC – 3A max
LNB: 18VDC – 0.5A max,  Ext. Ref. – 22kHz DiSEqC tone
Data: RJ45 for IP/ETH and 9 pin D-sub for RS232/422/485
Protocols: IPv4 and IPv6 – TCP and UDP protocols andlegacy asynchronous serial
Security: Secure boot and AES link encryption (optional)
Link access: Static, Random and Dynamic (BoD)
Optimization: RoHC, IP Payload compression and serial protocol acceleration
Others: Automatic uplink power control, frequency and timing control, authentication


Temperature: 0° to 50° C
Protection: IP30
Size: 1U (44mm) x 19” rack x 178mm (D)
Input voltage: 24 to 48VDC
Power consumption: 10W + ODU